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How is the wall chipping under the wiring

  1. Types of surface for wall chroming
  2. Tools and methods for wall shading
  3. Hammer and Chisel
  4. Bulgarian
  5. Perforator
  6. Wall chaser
  7. Conclusion

How to make walls

Hidden wiring in a house or apartment has several advantages over other options for laying wires, but breaking concrete walls under wiring is a significant disadvantage of this method. Therefore, in our article we will try to present you with a maximum of information on the shtenning of walls.

We very much hope that it will allow you to minimize your efforts to prepare walls for laying wires with a hidden method.

Types of surface for wall chroming

In order to choose how to make walls properly for wiring, we need to determine the surface of the wall. It can be a brick or a concrete wall.

The first option is more acceptable for us. After all, thanks to the presence of seams in the masonry, along them we can choose horizontal sections.

Horizontal areas should also be selected along the seams. After all, thanks to this, we will have to cut down the brick directly by 2 times less. Yes, and choose the grooves in the brick is much easier than in a concrete slab.

After all, the density of bricks is:

  • Ceramic full-bodied - not less than 2000 kg / m3 .
  • Ceramic hollow - 1100 - 1400 kg / m 3.
  • Full-bodied silicate - 1800 - 1950 kg / m 3.
  • Hollow silicate - 1100 - 1600 kg / m3 .

But the density of the concrete slab is often slightly higher, like this:

  • Lightweight concrete has a density of up to 1800 kg / m3. This is now gaining popularity of foam concrete, aerated concrete, and the like.
  • Lightweight concrete , of which usually made at home, have a density of 1800 - 2200 kg / m3.
  • But much less commonly used in the construction of heavy concrete have a density of 2200 - 2500 kg / m3.

Based on this, we find that it is easier to make walls for wiring under a brick wall. Moreover, due to the seams, the amount of work can be significantly reduced. But often we don’t have to choose.

And only in rare cases, we can arrange a greater amount of wiring on the brick wall due to the correct layout of the electrical network.

Tools and methods for wall shading

Grandfather's way to shaving surfaces

Hammer and Chisel


  • Hammer and chisel is the oldest and most proven method . Using the chisel we outline the depth and location of our future recess under the wiring, and then, putting across or parallel the groove, we knock out the strobe.
  • For brick surfaces, where it is enough to deepen the seam between the layers of brickwork, this method may still be suitable. Although for such a wall, we will need a lot of effort when breaking through gates in brick. But for a concrete wall to perform such work with a hammer and chisel is almost impossible.



  • If you are doing the self-drilling, the use of the grinder can be a good alternative to a hammer and a chisel. After all, this tool is quite common and surely you have at hand. And the mechanization of the process can significantly speed up the process.
  • In order to use the grinder when shaving walls, it is necessary to preliminarily outline the wire laying pattern. Then, using a diamond disc, we make two parallel grooves of the required depth.

Note! When using grinders for shaving surfaces, it is desirable to relieve tension from all parts of the electrical grid, possibly located here. After all, as experience and the law of meanness shows, you will stumble upon an old electrical wiring. By the way, this requirement should be attributed to all methods of wall chipping.

By the way, this requirement should be attributed to all methods of wall chipping

The photo shows all the nozzles on the drill for shredding

  • Now, using a perforator or a hammer with a chisel, we choose the material between our grooves. When using a punch, it is best to use a special nozzle in the form of a scapula. It was created just to create a recess in the walls.
  • On the question of how to make a wall under the wiring, the Bulgarian is almost an ideal answer. But there are a few "but"! First, when using the grinder, a huge amount of dust is formed. Even the presence of a second person with a powerful vacuum cleaner will not allow you to avoid this. Secondly, the use of the disk will not allow you to create grooves in the corners of the room and you will have to use either a perforator or a chisel to create grooves in the corner.


Punching with punch


  • The use of a punch for shaving surfaces does not provide full work without dust, but it will definitely reduce its amount by several times. Yes, and additional tools as in the case with the grinder, you do not need.
  • On the question of how to make a wall under the wiring with a punch, you can explain to you numerous videos. This method of shaving is as follows. You should at regular small intervals along the line of application of the wire using a drill to create holes. Then, using a special nozzle in the form of a blade, knock out the concrete between the holes.
  • This method is somewhat more laborious and time consuming, but less dust is its clear advantage. Personally, I prefer him. Although, of course, the best way is to use a specially designed wall chaser.

Wall chaser


  • Specially designed tool for shtrobleniya walls under wiring called wall chaser . By the principle of the device it is the same Bulgarian, only here there are two parallel disks. They can be adjusted by changing the depth of immersion in the wall. In addition, it is possible to change the distance between the discs, due to which the width of our grooves changes.
  • The main difference between the wall chaser is the presence of a powerful vacuum cleaner and the maximum possible sealing of the working area. Due to this, the amount of dust emitted is minimal.
  • After adjusting the required width and depth of the groove, you turn on the vacuum cleaner and drive the machine along the wall. As a result, you get perfectly even grooves for the minimum time.
  • The only drawback of such a tool is its price. It is large enough, and if wall shading is not your professional responsibility, then it is not advisable to acquire such a tool. But if you have the opportunity to rent it, we highly recommend using this opportunity. Saved nerves and strength will more than replace the money spent.

Using a wall chaser

The rules for wall chipping:

    • First of all it should be remembered that before you make walls for wiring, you should draw a plan. It should contain only right angles. And although the diagonals and bevels can save time and materials, but this leads to huge problems in the future.
    • According to clause 2.1.39 of the Electrical Installation Guidelines (ПУЭ) , hidden wiring refers to wires hidden under plaster, concrete, alabaster and other non-combustible materials to a depth of at least 10 mm. This obliges us to make sufficiently deep grooves, but it’s better not to make jokes with electricity and to follow the standards of electrical components.
    • If you are performing horizontal stroking, then according to p.3.33 of SNiP 3.05.06-85 , the height of the roadway from the floor slab should not be separated by more than 150 mm. This rule applies to all slabs with a thickness of up to 80 mm. This thickness does not apply to thick-walled plates of greater thickness.
    • Also, our manual recommends that when developing a plan to prevent the location of the wires from the window and door openings closer than 100 mm. In addition, the location of electrical wiring closer than 400 mm from gas distribution pipes is not recommended.

The rules for shtenbing walls

  • Before scrolling the wall under the wiring, it should be remembered that the junction boxes should be recessed into the wall so that in the closed state were flush with the wall. At the same time choosing the size of the junction box, remember that the rules of the PUE require the presence of a wire margin in the places of cutting and the most appropriate is to leave this margin in the junction box.

Note! When laying the wire in a hidden way should not allow its stretch. The wire should be free to lie in the wall. Otherwise, due to temperature fluctuations, it can be deformed.

  • When laying the wire on the combustible surfaces, it is necessary to make the lining under the wire of fireproof materials. Moreover, the width of the lining should be at least 100 mm .


Now knowing how to make walls for wiring, and knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of each method, you can choose your own ideal option. Thanks to this, you can significantly save time and effort, and also get the opportunity to lay the wiring that fully complies with all rules and regulations.

This will eliminate the likelihood of a variety of emergencies and ensure its long-term operation.

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